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attic rush
2 min readSep 17, 2020

Stay-at-home orders are still in effect and as much as endlessly scrolling Instagram is okay, rather use this time to discover some of the most beautiful websites from using Spotify data to finding out how the world is feeling. This list has something for everyone.

We filtered through this sub-reddit, so that you don’t have to.

  1. You are your Internet History
    Check what your web browser knows about you.
  2. Become a Harvard Grad
    You can take free online courses from Harvard and maybe order the t-shirt afterwards.
  3. Puzzles are in
    This artist uses different jigsaw puzzles to create surreal mashups which begs the question ‘is this art?’.
  4. Listening Together
    Two people with no connection starting to play the same song, at the same time 1000s of km apart.
  5. Top 500 Passwords
    Is yours here? Maybe it’s time to update your password.
  6. Can you Hear That?
    Find out how high you can hear; this website lets you test your hearing abilities.
  7. Learn a Recently Dead Language
    Depending how old you are, you might not even know what Morse code is. With this Googlemade site, you can learn Morse code in 15 mins.
  8. Evolution of a Scrollbar
    An unsung hero of our online experience.
  9. Interactive Tree of Life
    A zoomable, evolutionary tree of life covering. Explore the relationships between species and learn how all life on earth is related.
  10. Your Birthday in the Stars
    Nasa’s Hubble telescope explores the universe every second of the day, what did it see on your birthday?
  11. How is the World
    A website illustrating how the world is feeling right now.
  12. Bored
    Literally hours of fun, just press the bored button.
  13. 900 Classic Games
    From Sega to PlayStation 1, delve into the archive and get lost.



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